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Conditions of Engagement

The Consultant is Clive Penn Sawers, Director - Moor Value Ltd
19 Primrose Way, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 5GB
+44 (0)
7967 148794,

Rates and terms of Engagement

Hourly Rates of Engagement shall not normally be applicable. The Consultant shall agree a price for the agreed work or sections of work and this shall form the basis of a Contract of Engagement. A formal Contract of Engagement or Direct Work Order shall normally be provided by the Client and agreed by Consultant and Client's representative.

The Client shall be the person(s) or organisation represented on the letter head of the letter of engagement.

The Client shall be invoiced by agreement subject to the likely length and demands of the engagement. Payment shall be by bank cheque drawn on the Client's official account payable to "Moor Value Ltd" or payments may be made by BACS. Payments shall be made within 28 days or 20 working days, whichever is the greater, of the date of Invoice. Excessive delays in receiving payment after the maximum period may attract interest at Bank base rate +4%.

The Consultant is Director of Moor Value Ltd. Payment on P.A.Y.E. is therefore NOT acceptable.


Attendance at the office of the Client shall be for the purposes of meetings and obtaining information relevant to the project only. The Consultant shall normally carry out his functions under the contract at his own office base in Devon, UK.

The Consultant does not agree to work continuously on any one project but will carry out the work to an agreed timescale.

The Consultant shall indemnify the Client against any claim arising as a result of any negligence in carrying out or attempting to carry out his duties under the terms of the engagement.

The Consultant shall carry out his duties in a competent and professional manner to agreed timescale and format. Any variation in the above shall be notified to and agreed with the Client.

The Client will satisfy him/herself as to the validity of advice given by the Consultant.

Travel and expenses

The Consultant shall normally provide a car to carry out his functions. Travel on business may be made by public transport at the discretion of the Consultant who shall seek a rail warrant or other reduced fare scheme if available from the Client. If working on a train journey the Consultant may travel first class and recharge accordingly, subject to any reduced fare scheme available, and normally by prior agreement.

All travel including that between the Consultant's base office, or site and the Client's normal operating base shall be subject to a mileage claim and may be chargeable time, unless it is otherwise agreed.

Mileage necessarily incurred directly in the carrying out of the duties shall normally be chargeable to the Client except in the event that the Consultant is being paid at an agreed hourly rate when mileage shall be claimed at the standard casual rate allowance operated by the Client, otherwise at a rate to be agreed, and shall be considered chargeable time.

Other operating expenses such as telephone calls shall not normally be chargeable. Necessary meals and accommodation away from the Consultant's base shall be charged at a rate to be agreed prior to the occasion.


The Consultant shall provide such documents, plans, computer files and video recordings as the client shall require in respect of completed work. The Consultant shall have the right to retain in confidence copies of all such plans documents and computer information which he has developed.

The Consultant may, with the agreement of the Client, use such plans documents and computer files together with photographs and video recordings for publication, seminars, courses, examples of good practice, etc. The Client, or appropriate authority will normally receive acknowledgment of any such use.


New ideas developed by the Consultant shall remain the "property" of the Consultant for Patent or similar purposes.


The engagement may be terminated by giving seven days Notice in writing on either side.

Clive Penn Sawers - Director - Moor Value Ltd

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