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PennTraff travelled to Bangkok (2007), Abuja (2008), Kansas (2008) and Carmel, Indiana (2011) to make presentations at various conferences. It is alarming to see just how poor the standards of road safety are in many developing countries.  This can reflect badly in the accident rate with some countries having many times the percentage of the world's casualties than vehicle mileage driven. The two conferences in the USA indicate the desire of Engineers there to get roundabouts going and they have some spectacular results, but there remains much scepticism.


PennTraff is probably best known for the training seminars on mini-roundabouts. This is a particular expertise of PennTraff since publication of Mini-roundabouts - Getting them right! PennTraff has run at least 70 training events mostly whole day seminars. Delegates bring some of their own sites into the seminar and they get examined in detail. Video and still images can be shown along with plans of the site and this gives delegates an almost hands-on opportunity to discuss each site.

I am now prepared to carry out discussion events informally with small groups but the days of the large seminars with 40 or more delegates are unlikely to be repeated.

Attending conferences and making presentations at them is a key way to becoming established on the world road safety scene. It is very enlightening too to be able to see at first hand what the problems are in a particular place. It seems for example that the new capital of Nigeria, Abuja, was designed to operate with traffic signals at all key at-grade intersections. However, it became apparent that the electricity supply was not reliable enough for this and many signals are permanently "out" as their systems have failed with repeated power failures and surges. 

The modern roundabout does not appear to have arrived in many countries in the world and this is a great shame because it is now the proven tool for safe intersection control in the vast majority of cases. And a key point in favour of roundabouts is that they continue to operate in almost all conditions whether or not there is an electricity supply and in extreme weather conditions.

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