Clive Penn Sawers MA, MICE CEng
Traffic Engineering Consultant

Phone +44 (0)1626 830225, Mobile 07967 148794
2 Colehayes Park Cottages, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK TQ13 9LD


  • Long experience in traffic and safety

  • Solutions that work

  • Innovate effectively

  • Computer literate

  • Excellent presentation skills

EDUCATION Cambridge University, UK
MA - Honours Degree - Mechanical Sciences
Member: Institution of Civil Engineers

Mr Sawers has gained a wide variety of experience
in traffic engineering, accident analysis
and remedial measures.

He has worked in research,
for local authorities and the private sector.


PRESENT POSITION 2004- Director Moor Value Ltd
PREVIOUS POSITIONS 1993-2004 Freelance Consultant
  1992-1993 Principal Traffic Engineer, Colin Buchanan and Partners
  1990-1992 Principal Engineer (Traffic), Canterbury City Council
  1988-1990 Team Leader (Traffic), North Yorkshire C.C.
  1975-1988 Section Engineer (Traffic), Berkshire C.C.
  1970-1974 Scientific Officer, TRL, Crowthorne, Berks 


Town Centres Comprehensive traffic and safety management
Logical traffic routeing
Parking controls
Junction Design Mini-roundabouts
(a speciality - book sold extensively,
seminars and website)

Traffic signals
Development Transportation Assessments Carry out studies on behalf of developers to assist in obtaining planning permissions.
Pedestrians Zebra and Pelican Crossings
Kerb extensions and raised crossings
Cyclists Corridor opportunities
Shared facilities
Cycle crossings
Safety Accident studies
Remedial measures
Area safety schemes
Traffic Calming
(A speciality)
Network definition
Design - vertical & horizontal deflections
Bus friendly vertical deflections
Liaison and consultation
Parking Studies Assessment of supply and demand
Pricing structure
Controlled Parking Zones
One-way working (with traffic calming) to increase stock
Park and Ride Assessment of the potential for P & R
Parking supply and demand
Bus priorities
Site location
Centre(s) which can be serviced by P & R
Priority (Red) Routes Detailed design & implementation
Sign design and schedules
Speed enforcement camera locations
Cycle routes as part of London Network

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