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Mini-roundabouts & normal (or modern) roundabouts PennTraff will advise on the use and design, and improvements of roundabouts of all sizes anywhere in the world. For more information, visit MINI-ROUNDABOUTS
Area Traffic &
Safety studies
Traffic Calming cannot be carried out on an individual road without affecting the next ones. Area traffic and Safety studies include a comprehensive approach to the problems improving the environment by making the road network function effectively, efficiently and safely, particularly in residential areas. A strong emphasis is on liveability.

Recent check-backs to traffic calming schemes in Gillingham, Kent indicate much lower crash records today than there were leading up to the schemes' introduction. The arrival of has been most helpful in this regard.

Transport Assessments UK PPG13 advises the need to ensure that single occupancy car journeys particularly for the journey to work are minimised. PennTraff will advise on the highway implications of developments, suggest alternatives where practicable and negotiate with the highway authority on your behalf.

Note: This is not a particular speciality and I am able to give advice in only the most straightforward cases.

Park & Ride Instrumental in the implementation of the Canterbury Park & Ride project and assessment and development of the Medway Towns proposals. Based on parking demand and supply, Park & Ride has to be part of any traffic and transport plan for your urban area.
Safer Routes to School Comprehensive approach to management of school traffic including assessment of different modes of travel, potential alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists, traffic calming at school entrances.
Village and Town Traffic Management Comprehensive assessment of a whole small town or village traffic scheme to make the environment more liveable, reducing excessive speed, providing a complete pedestrian & cycle network, safer routes to school, in short, the works!
Traffic Calming Extensive experience of traffic calming schemes, mainly in urban areas.

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